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Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church was originally organized in 1884 in The Adamsville Community of McColl, South Carolina.  From it’s beginning the church services were held in various places because we did not have a place of our own.  The late Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fletcher deeded the land for our first church.  Our first pastor was the late Reverend McKenzie.  Some of our trustees were the late Simmon McKinnis, John Bright, Tom Thomas, John Poe, Sandy Smith, Reverend Rufus Pegues Sr. and others.  The church in the early years would have service on the second and fourth Sunday.

On the first and third Sundays, the members would go to the Fletcher Grove Baptist Church. The pastor of the church would often come to the church on Friday and stay with a member of the church until Sunday.  Members reflected on the great fellowship.  During those days, everyone enjoyed the Lord.  Dinner on the church ground was a big gathering for the members.  Each family would bring boxed meals that would include everything to feed your family and others as well.  Fresh vegetables and fruit were brought to the church with blocks of ice.  There would be a long table spread to share the food.  What a fellowship!

During prayer meeting time, members walked from their homes to the church.   Shoes were dusted off before they went into the church.  Walking many times was with groups of people.  You could hear the singing from the church from way off.   Songs such as: “I Saw the Light”, would cause the members to get in a hurry to get to the service.  The older ladies would sing “Come, We That Love the Lord”, “Go Preach My Gospel, Saith the Lord”,  “Beulah Land”, “See the Signs of the Judgement”, “Won’t it be Grand”, “Low Down the Chariot and Let Me Ride”, “What You Going To Do When the World’s on Fire”, and many others that touched our souls.  

In June 1961, by the Mercy and Grace of God, we purchased land.  Then in June 1964 a Dedication service for our new sanctuary was held.  The building that we now have.  Our pastor at the time was Reverend U.S. Moore; the late Reverend Glover was our Presiding Elder.  During that time, Reverend Rufus Pegues was called into ministry in 1962.

Next in our succession of leaders came Reverend Boyd Johnson Jr. and Reverend Hubert Powell.

The Reverend Tim McKoy became our pastor in the conference year of 1978.  Also in 1978, Reverend Osmar Kelly was called into ministry.  In the year of 1984, Hugo came to Marlboro County and destroyed the second church we knew as Saint Paul A.M.E. Zion Church, by the Power of God, our dedicated trustees, Reverend Tim McCoy and a group of men known as The Mennonites from Canada were enlisted as well as many friends and through prayer and dedication our church was rebuilt by May of 1985.  While our church was being rebuilt we held our services at Matthews Chapel African Methodist Zion Church of Laurinburg, North Carolina where the pastor at that time was Reverend Theodore Cromartie.  The church mortgage burning ceremony was in 1988.  The speaker for that day was the Right Reverend John H. Miller, Sr., Presiding Prelate Bishop.  Reverend Tim McCoy remained our pastor until November 1993.  Also under the pastorship of Reverend McKoy, Reverend Linda Ellison McLean (1993) was called into ministry.

In November of 1993 we were appointed a new pastor, The Reverend Dwain Murphy, of Parkton, North Carolina.  Under his guidance we continued to move forward.  Reverend Darren P. Dixon (1995) and Reverend Lula McLaurin Oliver (1996) were called into the ministry. Reverend Murphy was transferred to The Saint Croix District on the September of 1997.  We were privileged to have The Reverend Doctor Milton Harold Williams, Sr., Presiding Elder of The Laurinburg District complete the year as our pastor.  He truly continued to move us to another level.  The Conference year of 1997 - 1999 Reverend James Emanuel was our pastor.  The Reverend Cyrus James Burns was appointed to us during the Conference years of November 1999 - June 2004.  The Conference year of 2004, Pastor Cyrus J. Burns gave the congregation a charge to “Launch Out Into the Deep and Drop Your Net” letting us know that God will provide for us Spiritually and Economically.  Brother Eddie C. Crawford (2003) was called into the ministry.  In June 2004, we welcomed Rev. Maynor and her husband Mr. Angus Maynor to Saint Paul A.M.E. Zion Church.  The Reverend Anna K. Maynor picked up the charge of leadership to Saint Paul A.M.E. Zion Church in the month of June 2004, to continue to lead God’s people to Greater Spiritual Transformation.  Reverend Maynor  lead, taught, and guided the Saint Paul A.M.E Zion Church for ten and a half years {2004-2014}.  In 2014-2015 conference year we welcomed Rev. Dr. James M. Lilly and his wife (Kathy) to St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Church.  Rev. Ernest M. Blizzard joined our line of pastors for the conference year (2015-2016).  The Church is still moving forward with GOD as our focus.  Rev. Anthony Packer is leading the charge with excitement to head to the “NEXT LEVEL” of glory with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

We welcome you to come and worship wish us at 1227 Adamsville Road North, McColl South Carolina 29570.  We continue to pray for your growth in the spirit of God.







St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church History


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